Capabilities - inTENS

inTENS is the 3D finite element program suite developed by Tensys for the design of tensile structures. Featuring full, large deformation, geometric non-linearity, it is based upon a Dynamic Relaxation solution process.

inTENS features modules for

  • Form Finding, with specified stress control of shape
  • Load Analysis
  • Membrane Patterning
  • Geometric Post-processing


The program element library include

  • Cable elements
  • Slip Cables, modelling a sequence of cable elements in a friction-free pocket
  • Membrane elements
  • Beam elements

Boundary conditions and analysis constraints include

  • On-off contact constraints, including vector trajectories and spherical surfaces
  • Imposition of geodesic seam trajectories
  • Closed gas/liquid cells, with the option of constant pressure, volume or mass

Applied loading options include

  • Wind snow fluid and gas loading updated according to surface deformation
  • Discrete applied loads and specified node displacements and element forces