Capabilities - Design

The determination of an appropriate equilibrium form for a structure is a crucial part of the design process, affecting the aesthetics, function and engineering performance.

The inTENS software seeks, when physically possible, to find an equilibrium form that is compatible with the stress distribution and boundary conditions defined by the engineer. This ensures a smooth distribution of prestress in the final structure. This development of shape is an iterative process that is coupled with trial applications of the design applied loading conditions.

Computer graphics provide a key visual interface during this process, and the results may be shared electronically at any stage between the design team through the use of output to standard CAD file formats.

The essential interaction between shape and engineering performance, with the consequent requirement for non-linear form determination sets membrane engineering software into a class of its own compared with conventionally available tools. 

However the most critical skills are those of the specialist engineer who understands the structural behaviour, interprets the needs, applies those tools and communicates the results with the wider design and construction team.